Color Ideas for Reupholstering Vintage Sectional?

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Q: Our IKEA sofa is pretty beat, and we've decided to replace it. I've found a great vintage mid-century sectional with almost the exact same dimensions. It basically looks like this, but in sectional form.

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I already bought the frame, and just ordered some replacement cushions for it, but I'm agonizing over what kind of fabric I should use to sew the cushion covers! My first impulse is to go with a navy or plum color, which I think would look good with a pair of sheepskins (instead of throw blankets) tossed on it, but I wonder if a dark color will make the living room look disjointed since you can already see so much red from the kitchen and hallway in the living room.

Should I take the plunge and go dark, or stick with a light neutral like our current sectional?

For reference, the walls in the living room are a pinky neutral, and the peach persian rug in the living room measures about 7 ft x 11 ft… it's the biggest space in our little bungalow.

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