Yesterday's question of dated decor made us think about color trends that have resurfaced, but in more sophisticated applications. We still may cringe when we see rooms dominated by chartreuse wall-to-wall carpeting; however, in smaller doses, bold varieties of greens have made a come back that's soothing and upbeat at the same time. When used with reservation, it looks equally suited to updated traditional as to hipster modern...

1 Acid green barstools lend an edge while still allowing the overall feeling of crisp perfection to reign in this clean trad kitchen.
2 I love the unexpected bold green interiors of the kitchen cabinets. Like the first picture, they add a little spice to the dominate white scheme.
3 Bold stripes and door frames transform the traditional porch into a place of whimsy.
4 The chartreuse throw at the end of the bed brings the whole room to life.
5 Apple green chairs create a bold focal point in an otherwise laid-back, understated color scheme.

6 Without the lime green accent this kitchen I think this kitchen would appear too cold, but the small punch enlivens the space.
7 As in nature, a variety of greens adds interest in a neutral setting.
8 Take away the apple greens and this bedroom may read as purely cottage coastal, but the bold dose of green provides a modern touch.

(Images: 1: LeeAnn Thornton, 2: House Beautiful, 3,7: Leah Moss, 4: James Merrell, 5, 6: Living etc., 8: AtHome)