Color Pinhole Surveillance Camera Disguised as Power Outlet

We never did trust you. Maybe it was your shifty eyes, those beads of sweat always covering your upper lip, your habit of always shaking your leg while seated. We always suspected you were the one changing our homepage to Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat...and now we know it's true for a fact, thanks to the Sound-Activated Security Camcorder Socket!

The colour pinhole camera Sound-Activated Security Camcorder Socket is camouflaged as a power outlet and records video in AVI format at 640 x 480 pixels, 29 frames per second, meaning you'll have sufficient proof of any tomfoolery next to your valuable computer or home theater setup (or anywhere else where a plug is normally available). The microphone and camera setup uses up to 4GB MicroSD or TransferFlash cards for storage while USB charging keeps the unit powered inbetween surveillance duty. $64 from