Color Prescription: What Color Would You Choose?

Color Prescription: What Color Would You Choose?

Landis Carey
Aug 17, 2011

Please help Allison. What color should she paint her living room? Allison reached out to The Color Cure hoping for a little help with her color conundrum. And part of the reason she's stuck, besides the room's multi-functionality, is the room's fabulous furniture...

Speaking about the sunny one bedroom San Francisco apartment she shares with her boyfriend, Allison writes: "We use our living room every day. It also serves as our dining space, entertaining space and relaxing space so it has to function on many levels."

Allison continues:

Part of the reason we are stuck is because we LOVE our Fermob table (bright greenish yellow!) and love our couch, which is a brownish/greyish/greenish color, and have a hard time finding a color that works with both. Throw in our red chair, and we're lost! While we don't have specific paint samples in mind, we have thrown around the idea of greys (but would it work with our couch? Not sure!), blues (our bedroom and bathroom are blue so I'd rather avoid that), yellows (clashing with the table) and now we're simply stuck. Please help us figure out which color will keep our space bright and beautiful, while accent!

Tell Us!

  1. What color do you recommend?
  2. Would you paint every wall?
  3. Would you paint the picture rail?
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