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Please help Adrienne! What color should she paint her bathroom? Adrienne reached out to The Color Cure asking for help with her color conundrum. And part of the reason she's stuck, besides not knowing if she should paint the wainscoting white, is she's going for a vintage scheme to work with her new vintage-inspired tile, but she doesn't quite know what that might be...

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Adrienne writes:

I want the bathroom to look vintage, so I had vintage looking tile and wainscoting installed. But now for the paint...I think I want white on the trim and wainscoting, but what about the walls? Or is while not even the right thing for the wainscoting? I want a vintage look. At one point it had that hospital green, which I like, but maybe not so much for a bathroom.

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  1. What wall color do you recommend?
  2. What color would you paint the wainscoting?