Color Quiz! Are You Warm or Cool Colored?

Color Quiz! Are You Warm or Cool Colored?

Landis Carey
Aug 11, 2011

While there are general rules about where warm and cool colors should be placed in your home, nothing is written in stone. The world is yours for the taking, really, but where do you start, Color Curists, if you don't even know if you're a Warm or Cool person? Click over for Maxwell's Week 2 Color Cure Video, all about Warm and Cool Colors, then tell us!

Warm Rooms

If you've answered warm, it's likely you're an outgoing, exuberant person who loves to surround themselves with friends and family. You'd also love to entertain more, right? So, add a few warm splashes around your space and invite your friends over for a cocktail party!

Cool Rooms

If you answered cool, then join the club! Do you like to be thoughtful in your home, giving yourself the time and space to relax? While you like to surround yourself with others, you cherish your down time more than anything else. If so, grab your color wheel and start thinking: maybe a lilac in the bedroom or a light grey throughout your living space? Or maybe you want to go bold with a blue dining room!

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