Rug & Decor Colors for Living Room?

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Q: Hi! My boyfriend and I just bought a condo, and I'm having trouble deciding on a color scheme for the living room. The walls are currently a light blue-grey color, and we have a black leather couch and a creme colored coffee table. I'm finding the wall colors a bit hard to work with. I'm not really sure what color rug to get, and our options are limited because of our large dog. 

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Anything too light will not work because it will end up stained and dirty. He also scratches the rug, so whatever rug we end up with needs to be tightly woven. I can't decide whether I should just paint all of the walls white, get a rug, and then paint an accent wall or two, or if I should try to get a rug that works with the wall. The accent pillows on the couch can definitely go, and we are also in the market for a new dining table/chairs. Any advice on how to move forward with our colors and decor would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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