The DIY Detail that Makes All the Difference

The DIY Detail that Makes All the Difference

Kim R. McCormick
Feb 23, 2012

When it comes to completing a project, especially on a budget, a little creativity goes a long way. This inexpensive art project from Jenny Komenda shows that extra attention to those devilish details really rounds out the big picture.

Recently highlighted in Elle Decor as a designer to watch, Komenda continuously comes up with inspiring but affordable projects. Of the impressive things she has done, one of my favorite things to see on her blog, Little Green Notebook, is how she uses and combines colors.

Her most recent project involved having FedEx Office enlarge, for $4, a scanned image of the place where she got married. To keep the project inexpensive, she opted not to frame the print-out, but instead to mount it to extra thick foam board.The brilliant part comes in the way she turned the cheaper option into something much cooler — she painted the edges a vibrant orange-red.

Read more at Little Green Notebook.

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Images: Little Green Notebook

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