ColorWall from Veneer Specialists

ColorWall from Veneer Specialists

Regina Yunghans
Oct 31, 2007

Wood veneer in fall colors. Or almost any color, for that matter. ColorWall by Veneer Specialists is a wood veneer wallcovering...

ColorWall comes in a wide variety of species, from Anigre to Walnut. It's a very thin real wood veneer that is backed with a flexible fabric backing. This makes it very much like a heavy vinyl wallcovering, but it's made of a natural material, wood. And it comes in a full spectrum of awesome tinted colors that saturate and still let the wood grain show through. We love this stuff and are dying to see it installed.

ColorWall comes in 24" x 96" and 24" x 120" sheet sizes and is flexible enough to cover curves surfaces like columns, too.

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