Colorful Covers for the Cariboo

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The Cariboo bassinet is a simple, modern design that is compact enough to fit beside any bed. It has a gentle swaying motion when pushed, sure to lull any baby to sleep, and we like that the wood is a sustainable New Zealand variety called Radiata.

Available up to now only in a basic white fabric, Cariboo has teamed up with companies Petunia Pickle Bottom (best known for its patterned diaper bags) and baby star to create lively covers for the bassinet.

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For a more traditional look, Petunia Pickle Bottom has taken its signature brocade linen and created an intricately patterned print called Fawn, available in either brown and blue or brown and pink combos. For those who favor retro stylings, baby star has created their own custom line for the Cariboo, in mod circles and chunky leaves.

So while white’s still nice, you now also have plenty of colorful options to choose from.


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