The Color of Monarchy: Pantone's Take on the Queen's Wardrobe

In the spirit of the Olympics in London, what better way to look at the color spectrum than through the lens of the Queen's brightly colored outfits? So next time you can't decide on which color to paint your bathroom, why not channel the Queen's favorite color and go for something like Pantone Crystal Blue!?

How fun is this Pantone Queen, a limited edition color guide to the Queen's bright outfits? From PANTONE and the ad agency Leo Burnett London, this little fan book features some of the Queen's most notable color choices. Pantone hypothesized that the Queen dresses monochromatically to make herself look taller.

And what about this chart from Vogue UK? I am tempted to have it blown up and framed.

(Images: 1: Yatzer via Plenty of Color. 2: Vogue, via Daily Mail.)