ColorTherapy Survey: Your Favorite Bathroom Color?

ColorTherapy Survey: Your Favorite Bathroom Color?

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 27, 2007

Just for fun, and to give myself a light week while I work upstate, I thought we'd do a survey as we round out bathroom month here at Apartment Therapy. Given a blank canvas, what color would you paint your own bathroom?

I have several thoughts on color in the bathroom. First of all, I love intense, saturated colors in bathrooms, especially when they have a lot of light tile to break things up...

Second, as per Feng Shui, I like wood and water colors in a bath to support the water element. Third--and the ladies love this—everyone looks good reflected in the mirror of a warm-toned room.

So here's the survey: vote for your favorite color in a bathroom. I'll try to be evocative in my suggestions:
Top row: RL Reflecting Pool, BM Delicate Rose, BM Northern Cliffs
Bottom row: RL Black Truffles, BM Golden Delicious, RL Strudel

- Mark Chamberlain, interior and decorative painter

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