Matte & Satin Finish Painted Black Stripes

Matte & Satin Finish Painted Black Stripes

Mark Chamberlain
Aug 31, 2010

Name: Tea Kettle Black
Brand: Ralph Lauren VM156

I'm still not through with my black is beautiful phase (nearly half my columns!) and I promise some color explosions soon. But for now, dig these black stripes…

The base coat is Ralph Lauren Tea Kettle Black — my new favorite color ever — in matte. It runs a bit blue, which makes it especially invigorating for decorative painting, alone or in groups. The stripe is a transparent glaze in a satin finish. My pal Brian shows us how the drawing's done (he's an artist — he's sketchy) and my new trade secret is to use colored pencils and let that be part of the pattern. First-timers may choose to tape, but I'd rather die than go through all that trouble.

What's the difference between this and wallpaper? It's completely bespoke (color, scale) and easy to get rid of once you're ready for something new. My lovely client says she's too hopelessly square to ever live up to her chic stripes, but I must remonstrate: my dear, it's the other way around — you're a real class act.

- Mark Chamberlain, interior and decorative painter

Re-edited from a post originally published 2.10.09 - JL

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