ColorTherapy: Chimayo

ColorTherapy: Chimayo

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 22, 2007

Name: Chimayo
Brand: Ralph Lauren

This room feels like a lounge in a motel lobby in any B movie, or perhaps even The Twilight Zone. Something about it makes me want to smoke cigars, drink highballs and wear a skinny tie.

The color is Ralph Lauren Chimayo. Readers of this column will know that I love my red-browns, and have yet to write about a green-brown. But I find these spice tones to be so cozy, contemplative and intimate that I can't help myself.

Chimayo feels mid-century Modern when used like this, and I'd love to see a pale smoky blue room next to it for contrast. Alternately, I think it would be great with any type of tony pan-Asian d├ęcor as well. But mostly, I like this color because it's so character driven, though maybe that's just the ribbing in the chair. I keep waiting for Ed Begley to walk in.

- Mark Chamberlain, interior and decorative painter

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