ColorTherapy: Chamois

Name: Chamois
Brand:Ralph Lauren VM 31

As I round out my second year at AT, I have one more county-house color to share with you before I head to the mountains and beaches myself…

This warm, red yellow is low on my list of go-to colors for any reason, yet I was somehow captivated when I discovered this at a friend’s house on the Hudson. Could it be the furniture or the countryside setting unduly influencing my taste and opinions?

I usually think of this color as “flabby”—too rich, and still not enough, but here it’s relaxed and just right. It’s also ever so slightly unexpected--I think of this as a suburban color by default, always matched with more beige, but the pickled floors and fun furniture give it a new spin, so why not?

Changes in setting bring changes and softening of opinion. I’ll hopefully have even more changes of opinion after I return from summer road trips. See you in September.

- Mark Chamberlain, interior and decorative painter