ColorTherapy: Coral Reef

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Name: Coral Reef 012
Brand: Benjamin Moore

I wish I had “before and after” photos on this project. The tile in this bathroom is oatmeal-colored, and the previous paint color was Ace bandage, such that you felt like collapsing from depression every time you washed your hands.

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On a whim, I proposed this: a bright coral color for the walls, which I for some reason imagine looks like Paris in the 30s, though I was never there then. I love how this color trumps the ugly tile, and dances with the colors in the bird prints on the wall. The whole thing makes me smile—the exact opposite effect of the previous décor.

This normally wouldn’t have been my first color choice, yet it’s the most enchanting room in the apartment. And ladies, here’s one last tip from my arsenal of secrets: everyone looks good reflected in the mirror of a warm-toned bathroom. It somehow puts a blush in your cheeks.

- Mark Chamberlain, interior and decorative painter

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