ColorTherapy: Inspiration for Painting Doors

At the request of a client I was going to offer my first-ever instructional column on how to paint a wood paneled door. However, sitting in New York thinking about simply painting doors got me bored so fast that I began looking for inspiration first. THAT got me excited, so, to start, here are some great doors that will get you thinking outside the box...

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Why stop at white? These gilded doors are from the Palais Lascaris in Nice, France.

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I think this arrangement of color is very elegant; a Provençal blue with bright flowers. I love the texture of the old wood and stone.

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This isn’t so much about the doors as it is about the telamones—figures emerging from a pedestal and supporting an architectural element.

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Now we’re back in America, with a painted door Victorian style.

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Chinoiserie, and some of the most elaborate decorative painting I’ve ever seen.

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And finally, pair of Mexican doors, one painted brightly and one elaborately carved.

- Mark Chamberlain, interior and decorative painter

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