ColorTherapy: Sergeant - VM103

ColorTherapy: Sergeant - VM103

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 6, 2007

Color: Sergeant - VM103
Brand: Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren came out with a new line of colors last April called Vintage Masters, and I can't get enough of it. The palette contains dark, sensual, old-world colors evocative of high renaissance painting and the baroque. I feel like Michaelangelo every time I use one.

When I first used Sergeant, I thought I was dealing with a green paint with a red base to it, but that seemed like an oxymoron. Then I recently read something on the color industry, which explained everything: all colors have either a blue or a yellow undertone, whether or not you can "see" it. Sergent has the yellowest undertone of any dark green I've ever seen.

This color looks like it was plucked out of a painting by Rembrant, though here the eclectic d├ęcor reflects diverse influences including Persian and tribal textiles. This is another example of a dark color that is incredibly warm and cozy, without feeling oppressively cave-like.

- Mark Chamberlain, interior and decorative painter

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