ColorTherapy: Silver Fox 2108-50

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Name: Silver Fox 2108-50
Brand: Benjamin Moore

Close friends of mine have a brownstone in Brooklyn, which will provide me with at least six columns over the next few months because it's so interesting. They are both artists unafraid to be decoratively daring, and have invested every room in the house with a unique color...

The overall palette of their home reminds me of that in The Winslow Boy.

Silver Fox is one of those wet cement colors that looks like a warm grey on the wall, but comes off of a brown page in a fan deck. A breathtaking Italian gilt-framed mirror hangs over the fireplace, and the warm base of this color picks up on the red in the gold. Although the decor of this room has changed over the years, this color always brings everything into balance, and across a variety of styles: moderne, Mediterranean, contemporary as well as the artists own work.

Just as the name implies, Silver Fox is a quiet classic.

- Mark Chamberlain, interior and decorative painter

(ReEdited from 2006-09-19 - MGR)

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