PaperTherapy: Zuber

PaperTherapy: Zuber

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 16, 2007

Brand: Zuber - Manufacture de Papier Peints et Tissus

I would like to officially start covering wallpaper. And what better place to start than at the TOP with Zuber? Zuber has been producing hand-printed wallpapers since 1797, and I personally get a little hot under the collar when I contemplate the effect their panoramic scenes could have on my apartment...

But first, a little background. The late 18th century was the golden age of French wallpapers, supported by a rapidly expanding bourgeoisie anxious to display its wealth. It was also an era of increased imports from exotic places like China and the Americas. Of all French wallpapers, Zuber is the creme de la creme. Their collection of hand woodblocked papers covers wallpaper, friezes, ceilings and panoramics.

The Panoramics are the most famous. Zuber has about 20 large scale scenes in their Panoramic collection, most of which were designed between 1850-1930. Jacqueline Kennedy chose two for the White House; Gracie Mansion has two as well. These things bring you back to an era before photography, when turning your wall into a view of Hindustan was a job for paper.

I love how dramatic these scenes are. They completely transport me, both to another place and time, and another period in the history of decorative art. I invite you to check out their site and consider a whole different approach to wallpaper (which is, after all, the "new black" in wall decor).

- Mark Chamberlain, interior and decorative painter

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