Comfortable Crib for Tall Parents

Comfortable Crib for Tall Parents

Carrie McBride
Dec 4, 2009

Q: I am a first-time expectant mom and my husband and I are both fairly tall. We recently spent time with my sister who has a Bellini crib that was wonderful because the mattress height was very high -- the distance from the floor to the base of the crib mattress was 24". However, the only other cribs we've found with that mattress position are very expensive (e.g. Cabine & Bellini). We would prefer not to spend that much money on a crib! Frustratingly, furniture websites mention the number of adjustable mattress positions, but don't say how tall the positions actually are. Do you have a recommendation for a reasonably-priced crib where the highest mattress position is 24" above the floor (or more)?

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