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Our post on the Vera Wang Poppy Comforter set brought up an interesting comment. So we're wondering AT:LA readers, what's on your bed?... (Survey after the jump)

Just a comforter? or do you use a duvet with a down insert? Are you confused about the difference? Well, according to Wikipedia, both go on top of your bed, but a duvet actually "covers a comforter like a big pillowcase." Many comforters are filled with a synthetic fiber. They are generally printed or dyed and do not need a cover. When it gets dirty, you wash the whole thing. They are also usually sold with sets. The word "Duvet" is actually french for comforter. However, it is commonly referred to as the cover for a down comforter- in which case you'd only wash the cover and not the insert. Here is a link to another explanation of the difference. Is one better than the other? Have you used both and favor one? Share your thoughts in the comments and answer the survey!