Coming Soon: HGTV's First Green Home Giveaway

Coming Soon: HGTV's First Green Home Giveaway

Feb 5, 2008

Last week we posted about HGTV's 2008 Dream Home Giveaway and, while scanning their site, we came across an interesting new development (pun most certainly intended). For the very first time, HGTV is giving away a Green Home!

As we type this, the inaugural abode is being built, which is why we have no photo of the house to show you. For now, you'll just have be pacified with the image above, the view from (what could be) your future eco-friendly veranda.

Or we may have a couple preliminary architectural sketches up our sleeve...

The Green Home sweepstakes will operate just like the Dream Home giveaway, in which one winner will come home to a multi-million property and other goodies. The only difference is that HGTV is greening up this property with sustainable materials and energy-efficient technology.

The contest kicks off in March but you can follow along with the progress now. Visit their Green Home blog, where they leak clues about the property's location (Hilton Head Island, SC) and ask opinions about paint choices. Or check out the Building the 2008 Green Home page to read all about grey-water recycling, geothermal heat, and other technical aspects of building green.

We were skeptical about the excess of the Dream Home Giveaways and AT readers tended to agree with us. But we're optimistic about this project. We hope that HGTV realizes that the properties they gift away can be cost-effectively built to lessen environmental impact. Hopefully HGTV will see that their two separate sweepstakes should blend into one. We look forward to the 2009 HGTV Dreamy Green Home.

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