January Jumpstart Project Preview: Desk Redo

January Jumpstart Project Preview: Desk Redo

Janel Laban
Dec 20, 2007
Coming up in January, the readers and editors of Apartment Therapy and Blueprint/Bluelines have the opportunity to jump in and get a project done - together. We're hoping that with the support of the community it will be an easy road from "Before" to "After".

For my own January Jumpstart, I plan on tackling a project I've been wanting to do for quite a while and just never seem to get around to (we know everyone has got one of those) - a redo of this little desk.

I really like the size and Chinese-y details of this piece but the very red wood just doesn't work in my place...I plan to go with a shiny, lacquer-like paint finish.

Before really getting underway in January I need to:

  • choose a paint color - white? black? yellow? turquoise? hmmmm

  • research a good paint to use for the finish I want - we've heard good things about sign painters enamel

  • pick up the supplies somewhere local - Sappanos? Pearl?

Suggestions and tips welcome on all of the above!

If you'd like to join us and complete a project around the house in early 2008 (and possibly win a prize in the process) you simply need to:

  • read all the details here

  • pick your project

  • take a before photo or two

  • get your supplies together...and we'll all be ready to go in January.

More to follow on my desk redo project (as well as projects from other AT editors and the readers joining in) in the New Year...

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