Commerce Bank + Old Change =$27.43

Commerce Bank + Old Change =$27.43

Maxwell Ryan
Jan 5, 2005

Thank god retail banking is back. It used to be impossible to return carefully saved piles of change for crisp dollar bills. Back when we taught school, we learned this lesson the hard way when we tried to return nearly 75 pounds of change that the children had saved up over the course of a year only to find that we needed to roll all of it into paper sleeves before the Chase Bank would even look at us. It took the children over a week (and cancelled lesson plans) to wrap up all the change.

Now, Commerce Bank is the new saviour of change. You can bring in your piles of change - unsorted - to ANY BRANCH and pour it into their PENNY ARCADE. The Arcade will give you a receipt which you take to the counter for the FULL VALUE of your change. No percentage, commission or other extortionary terms are taken out (see many locations).

That's our New Year's haul at top, $27.43 (not including quarters, which we use regularly). MGR

PS. See Comments: Commerce Bank changed Carla's life too.... (forgot to mention)

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