Arctic Air Commercial Refrigerator

Arctic Air Commercial Refrigerator

Jeanine Brennan
Mar 11, 2009

We can't pass up browsing at restaurant supply stores, but the giant scale usually makes those alluring 3-bay sinks and enormous mixers impossible to consider taking home. Not to mention the rewiring that you might need to do. But since we're helping a friend redo their kitchen, this simple industrial fridge with steel trim caught our eye. It's from Arctic Air and it's marketed as a less expensive, smaller unit for restaurants, but when we called the company, they said it would work great in a home kitchen...

(picture shows two)

This particular refrigerator, made by Arctic Air can be plugged right in any kitchen. It's made from white textured steel instead of stainless (which makes it less expensive), and has four industrial lockable castors on the bottom. Now granted it's not going to have an ice maker or milk storage in the door, but it's a simple, no-frills solidly-made alternative to a typical refrigerator. It's also much less expensive than high-end "commercial for the home" models out there. Keep in mind this is a refrigerator only, so you'd need to supplement with a separate freezer elsewhere in your kitchen, which would cross it off the list for many of you, but if you're renovating your kitchen and have a unique or industrial style, checking out restaurant supply stores and websites might give you some ideas.

>>> Arctic Air's website

>>> Available here for $1,229 (includes shipping)

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