Compact $10 Desktop iPod Speaker

We don't mind shelling out cash for a great product. We're not always looking for the cheapest tech, but tech that gives us the best value. In the market for a simple, no-frills iPod dock to keep the tunes flowing anywhere, you can't beat this...

When all you want is a compact speaker to give you something to fill the silence at work or in the kitchen, you don't need to spend a fortune. This iPod speaker dock is only $10 from The Container Store.

Sure, it probably doesn't have the tech specs you'd get from the fancy (expensive) docks you see on display at the electronics department, but it does the job on the cheap (GeekSugar called it "the perfect stocking stuffer!")

Plus it's portable (running on four AAA batteries) and it gives your iPod, iPod Touch or iPhone a grippy surface to lean on. Available in red or black here.

Via GeekSugar

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