Ditch the Minimal and Go Maximum On Your Desktop!

Ditch the Minimal and Go Maximum On Your Desktop!

Range Govindan
Sep 1, 2011

Desktop wallpapers are one of the simplest ways of giving your computer a visual refresh without spending a cent. While we'll always like minimal desktops sometimes we're looking to add a bit of complexity and chaos (just not with our icons), especially with fractal and 3D render desktop wallpapers...

1. Abstract Fractal Current wallpaper on our MacBook. It's quite a complex affair, but after a long while with minimal wallpapers adorning our desktop, this seemed strangely refreshing.

2. Divine Light Nice and simple fractal wallpaper, that has a cool glow to it.

3. Color Explosion Without being too chaotic, this wallpaper uses a few tones to explode colors all over the place.

4. Abstract Light Beam Pretty interesting wallpaper that is highlighted thanks to some simple 3D light beams.

5. Light Flow This is still being used on one of our computers as a desktop wallpaper. It's certainly complex and detailed, which is what we were looking for.

6. Tiger Fractal If simple fractals are too loud and complex, then check out this tiger fractal wallpaper.

7. Glow Light by Rana Rocks Simple yet complex, this wallpaper will work in a number of different decors.

8. Lights in the Glass Lights seen through a window. With a bit of imagination, you can even see the contour of somebody's face looking at you.

9. Abstract Squiggly Lines This actually looks more like light trails on a long exposure shot gone awry.

10. Abstract Light Lines If you like your lights all lined up, than this is the wallpaper for you.

There are thousands of different wallpapers available. Wallpaper Abyss has got pages and pages of abstract fractals as well. The last time, we must have gone through 50 pages worth of wallpapers on that site. A good trick to narrow your Google Image searches is to input the screen resolution that you are looking for. In our case, it was 1920×1200. That will start diminishing the search results. Also explore some of the sites that pop up. They might have other wallpapers that you like.

Where to Find Them
Where to Find Minimal Yet Fun Wallpapers

(Image: Flickr member Dziner licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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