Composing a Gallery Wall Around the TV

When Maxwell shared this gallery wall in Joanna Goddard's NYC home, I loved the way it helped to make the TV a little more palatable. I promptly saved the photo as "TV inspiration," and showed it to my TV-purist husband that evening. He loved it, too, and we made a pact to create a gallery wall on the now-blank surface surrounding the TV in our living room. Here, I've rounded up some more inspiration for the project:

  1. The gallery wall in Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo's home was our initial inspiration.
  2. This example from Lonny incorporates art as a field for the TV, as well as a nice, natural wood stand that warms things up considerably.
  3. This gallery wall by Kate Hayes Design (via Houzz) appears to incorporate more family photos than artwork. Could be a nice way to display lots of family photos into the living room.
  4. Antlers add a third dimension to this wall from Turquoise.
  5. The TV laps over the art in this example from Birdhouse Interior Design.

Is this a viable option for you? What pros and cons do you see when surrounding a television set with art? Would you wall-mount the television if you were doing this, or leave it free-standing on a console?

(Image credits: Ryan Liebe for A Cup of Jo; Lonny; Kate Hayes Design via Houzz; Turquoise; Birdhouse Interior Design)

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