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The fine folks over at Green Parenting have asked what many of us may have wondered at some point, "How can I start composting?"

Raj and Miah, of Green Parenting, try to demystify composting in their podcast "Composting 101 - A Wormderful Intro."

While they have been interested in composting for a while, Raj and Miah had many questions: If they do it wrong, will it attract rats and roaches? Are worms needed? What is hot composting? By speaking with Miah’s Aunt Patricia and Uncle Steven -- who have been composting for years -- they learn more about what composting is, what bins and supplies are needed, why it works and the many different ways composting can be done.

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As green parents, Raj and Miah’s say they, "...want to raise a happy kid who understands the world around her and learns how to thrive in it. We want to be green parents." Sounds good to us!