Concrobium Mold Control

Concrobium Mold Control

May 2, 2008

Mold can be a big problem in homes - not only is having moldy walls, ducts, or windows just kind of gross, it can also make you really sick. Getting rid of it can be problematic, however, as most mold killers themselves are toxic. Enter Concrobium Mold Control, a product that claims to both eliminate and prevent mold while being environmentally friendly. While they're not saying exactly what's in the apparent miracle spray, they do say what it doesn't contain, namely "no bleach, ammonia, alcohol or other harmful chemicals."

So, has anyone tried this "patented blend of naturally occurring inorganic compounds which have been combined in a proprietary way" spray yet?

For more information, including purchasing information, go to the Concrobium website.
32 oz bottles of Concrobium Mold Control are also available for $9.60 on

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