Party Time! Confetti Print Decor

Party Time! Confetti Print Decor

Kim Lucian
Nov 5, 2012
With everything that has been happening in the past week, I'm starting to feel like we could all use a bit of good cheer. What better way to embrace the brighter days ahead than with some confetti print décor. Colorful, celebratory and just plain fun it's a trend that works well in both big and small doses.

1. Confetti Heat Print Poster $15 via Amanda Catherine Designs on Etsy

2. Rainbow Felt Garland $28 via Little Nest Box on Etsy

3. Webster Cheers, Note Card Set $15 via Jess LC

5. Confetti Lolly Bag $13 via Poppies for Grace

6. Speckled Celebratory Tumbler $10 via Anthropologie

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