Connor and Caleb's Room for Two

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Name: Connor & Caleb
Location: Pittsburgh, PA

When our boys requested to share a room, we knew we would be fitting a lot of function into a not-so-huge space. We wanted them to have sleeping space, toy storage/playing space, craft space, and clothes storage space, including hand-me downs.

Using just a few new items (like bunk beds and accessories), making over a lot of things we already owned (dresser, toy unit, and craft table) and doing a lot of DIY projects (curtains, pillows, and magnetic race car growth chart) we were able to give the boys everything we'd hoped to function-wise and still ended up with a really fun room!

Thanks, Abby! Readers, you can see more of Abby by visiting her her blog, Just a Girl and Her Blog.


(Image credits: Abby Lawson)

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