Consider a Chair with a Drawer

Consider a Chair with a Drawer

Abby Stone
Jun 18, 2008

We're one of those people who cannot make decisions in the morning. Which is why we arranged our medicine chest in use order, why we put everything we need to remember to take with us on our landing strip and why we lay out our clothes the night before. We've thought about getting a clothes valet to put them on but they seem so fussy. Then we saw this chair with a drawer...

We had one of "duh" moments when you wonder why there are not more chairs designed with drawers. We know we'd find them useful. In a dining room, for example, they could streamline the room by holding the silverware and napkins we'd like to keep in that room without having to resort to a buffet. What do you think? Should more chairs be designed with drawers?

[Image via Usona Home Furnishings]

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