Jonathan's IKEA & Contact Paper Desk Makeover

Jonathan's IKEA & Contact Paper Desk Makeover

Alison Brislin
Feb 7, 2012

Y'all ready for a super easy, affordable, and quick IKEA hack? Our pal Jonathan Lo of Happy Mundane recently shared a great way to personalize furniture using good old contact paper.

This genius DIY is really quite simple:

  1. Buy contact paper in a faux wood grain. Jonathan chose walnut and bought it from Home Depot.
  2. Pick a piece of furniture you want to make-over. Jonathan hacked his IKEA MICKE desk (in the white/birch effect).
  3. Measure area of application, cut contact paper accordingly, apply carefully and voila! You've given a desk, bookshelf, credenza, etc. a mini-facelift!

Jonathan's "new" desk exudes a mid-century vibe, don't you think? This quick DIY is great because if you don't have the money to purchase a new piece of furniture or the time to refinish an existing piece, the level of commitment is relatively low (and remember, you can apply this same idea for wall art). You can always change your mind and simply peel off the contact paper. Bonus: there's no mess!

And be sure to check out how he re-did and styled an IKEA shelving unit.


Image: Jonathan Lo of Happy Mundane

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