This is for all the black thumbs out there. Simple Garden is a gardening kit that contains everything you need to start gardening in your home, including a specially-designed planter to improve air flow, water circulation, and nutrient absorption, as well as seed packets, a planting template, a planting stick and a guide to cultivating healthy plants.

Simple Garden, designed by Fertile Earth, was the 2010 IDEA Winner. Other products by Fertile Earth include the LiteStick ($29.98), an innovative LED light-sensor you stick in your plant's soil that comes on automatically when the light in the room dips below a certain level, and the WaterStik ($15.98), which also sticks in the soil to let you know when you need to water and when you've overwatered.

The Simple Garden Starter Kit retails for $29.98 and can be purchased here, and comes in two sizes: the standard size is approximately 12" x 12" x 7.75", while the junior size, known as the Simple Garden Jr., is approximately 4" x 4" x3".

What do you think? Great idea or not?

Via Cool Hunting