Contemporary Wood Marquetry

Contemporary Wood Marquetry

Regina Yunghans
May 22, 2014

On a hunt for artwork last weekend, I stumbled upon a vintage piece of marquetry: a panel of pieced-together wood veneers in different species and tones that create an image. This particular image was of a mountain scene and traditional Swiss chalet. Until then, I hadn't even heard of marquetry. Now, I'm obsessed with it!

After looking into the art form a bit more and reading about its popularity in the 1960s, I wondered about its use today. A bit of searching brought me to many interesting contemporary artists and woodworkers creating works using the wood marquetry technique. You'll see a few of them in the gallery up top.

Top Row, left to right:
1. Tilo Uischner
2. Emiliano Godoy
3. Alison Elizabeth Taylor
4. Boca do Lobo
5. Amelia Bauer

Bottom Row, left to right:
6. Ian Smith/The Marquetry Shack
7. Studio Job
8. Rob Milam

I love how the medium produces an almost pop art quality, with the blocky fields of different wood tones. What do you think of this use of wood in creating art? Would you hang a piece in your home?

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