U.S. Winner: Joshua's "Vintage Primary" Room

Rooms of all sizes were part of the Room for Color contest, but the one that our readers chose as the U.S. grand prize winner packed a large amount of stylish color into a small space. Joshua lives in Brooklyn and his deep teal room was chosen first as the East division favorite and then ultimately, as our 2010 grand prize winner.

Joshua tells us that the main color choice for his "Vintage Primary" room was based on "vacations at the shore, natural woods, my favorite photographs and travel souvenirs and my career in menswear" AND "to offer contrast with my floor and furnishings." His advice for color lovers? He recommends taking "paint chips home so you can see what the color looks like in the actual space and lighting conditions" and avoiding "matchy-matchy" elements when putting a room together - "mixing colors, textures and patterns adds a sense of excitement and fun". Congratulations, Joshua!

International Winner: Tim's "Yellow, Grey, Blue" Living Room

Our international winner is Tim, from Toronto, Canada. His room is a successful mix of color and pattern featuring an upbeat palette of yellow, green and grey furniture and accessories set off by a bright blue accent wall.

Tim says that he decided to go bold by adding in "fabrics of different textures (silk, linen, suede and cotton)" and by pairing a mix of patterns with a bold, playful rug. His advice for those who love color but find it hard to commit? "Be Bold on elements that are easy to change. That way, you can change the feel of your room easily over different seasons without big financial commitment. One trick I used for myself is to do pillows with different designs on both sides. When it's time to change from summer to fall, just turn the pillow around!" Congratulations, Tim!


Contest Details

Color is Back!

This month we’re looking for the most beautiful, colorful room on the planet. So, if you love color and are thinking about adding new hues to your home, help is on the way. We aim to inspire confidence through sharing.

Brand new in 2010, selected entries will be published on their own page and readers will be able to peruse the rooms and support all their favorite entries throughout the contest.

Whether you enter or simply find fantastic rooms to choose as favorites - join us!


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