U.S. Winner: Rachel's "Anthropologie Explosion" Room

Bravo, Rachel! This year's winning room shows off a palette that elegantly walks the line between serene and energetic, warm and cool, trendy and classic. Soft gray walls and a vibrant mossy green sofa make for a just-right level of coziness without feeling ho hum - it's fresh and fashionable. The strong textures also add to the appeal: the velvet sofa, sisal flooring, raw edge wooden table and a woven throw all work together to add depth and warmth to the sunny space.

A great color lesson to take away from Rachel's room is that it's always wise to go with a color you know and love as the anchor to your design plan. The gorgeous, green sofa upholstery is nearly the same hue as the dresses her bridesmaids wore, so she was confident that it was the right choice.  That's exactly the type of color fearlessness that goes a long way toward creating a unique, beautiful, well-loved home. 

International Winner: Paisan's "East Meets West" Room

Paisan's beautiful bedroom is definitely ready for design primetime! Bright orange, crisp white, and classic cobalt, used here in boldly patterned wallpaper and wide swaths of pure concentrated wall color, make for a harmonious, happy combination. The palette successfully contrasts with the restrained dark floors, cocktail table and impressively scaled bed.

One of the secrets to Paisan's success is the embrace of traditional furniture and accessories, along with the use of strict symmetry to help "ground" the more elaborate design elements and balance the bright orange walls. Note how the the daybed is flanked with pairs of matching etageres, lamps and statement-sized vases, and then centered between the sections of impeccably finished wall panels. Thanks to the attention to scale and pristine paint job, the impact is pleasantly dramatic It's high glam yet still clearly comfortable and livable - the best of both worlds!


Contest Details

It's the most colorful time of the year!

The Room for Color contest is our annual celebration of beautiful, colorful reader rooms. All sizes and styles are welcome; from big, bold, modern bedrooms to cozy, comfy, classic kitchens. The entries will go head-to-head against rooms with a similar palette - warm, cool, light or dark - and you, the readers, along with our panel of expert judges, will determine the rooms that are the 2013 color stars. Choose the room in your home that best shows off your color skills and enter today!

Or, if you are just thinking about bringing more color to your home and are seeking inspiration, get ready to follow along and find plenty of bright ideas - each entry includes great photos and tips for using color with confidence. Plus, there is the fun of helping to choose our winners while getting more comfortable with color.

Enter to win or discover wonderful new spaces for your style inspiration files. Either way, join us!


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