U.S. Winner: Monica 's "Zest for Life" Room

Monica's living room was inspired by her own photos of women in LA and the films of Pedro Almodovar, both of which are filled to the brim with life and color. Her palette is an very joyful one, embracing soft blues, hot pinks and oranges and plenty of sunny, lemony yellow, balanced with crisp white accents. But, what makes this room really work is that it's not just about the color; liberal does of pattern are at play here too, along with a just slightly shifted sense of symmetry to keep things interesting. Brava, Monica!

International Winner: Katharina's "Modern Pastels" Room

Light, bright and completely on point with how people are doing pastels this time around, Katharina's bedroom is both restful and joyful. With nods to all sorts of current interior favorites including a menswear gray upholstered headboard, modern geometric patterns and metallic accents, this room is right on the nose for a stylish space, circa NOW. The takeaway design lesson here? To make your own color mix sing, add one slightly surprising note, like the bright red-orange pillow in a sea of candy colored pastels.


Contest Details

It's the most colorful time of the year!

The Room for Color contest is our annual celebration of beautiful, colorful reader rooms. All sizes and styles are welcome; from big, bold, modern bedrooms to cozy, comfy, classic kitchens. The entries will go head-to-head against rooms with a similar palette - warm, cool, light or dark - and you, the readers, along with our panel of expert judges, will determine the rooms that are the 2014 color stars. Choose the room in your home that best shows off your color skills and enter today!

Or, if you are just thinking about bringing more color to your home and are seeking inspiration, get ready to follow along and find plenty of bright ideas - each entry includes great photos and tips for using color with confidence. Plus, there is the fun of helping to choose our winners while getting more comfortable with color.

Enter to win or discover wonderful new spaces for your style inspiration files. Either way, join us!


August 27 - September 22
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September 8 - October 3
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