U.S. Winner: Tiffany & Allan's Ship Captain's Studio

Super smart and stylish, this 350 square foot studio in Brooklyn is a design powerhouse. The single room open space, originally the parlor of a 1800s home, has amazing architectural details such as high ceilings, decorative moldings, a charming compact kitchen and a fantastic working fireplace. But Tiffany and Allan really took it to the next level with their design skills and personal style. 

Their "bedroom" is created with floor to ceiling drapes, a dining room fits into the narrowest space possible and one of the most attractive living rooms we've seen on Apartment Therapy, large OR small sits at the center of it all. Their advice on the importance of scale is spot on and well-illustrated by the gallery style artwork display surrounding the fireplace. They explained, "Instead of purchasing full size furniture we chose smaller sized chairs, and saved our oversized items for the walls to highlight the vertical space."  Bravo Tiffany and Alan...and congratulations!

International Winner: Gorana's Black & White

Gorana's apartment is black, white and stylish all over. A little bit edgy and very international in its inspirations, it's a fun, one-of-a-kind space. 

One of the keys to the success of the look is that all the rooms received a similar style treatment; the bathroom and bedrooms are just as boldly designed as the living room and kitchen, so it all feels intentional and adds to the overall style statement. Themes of England, music-making and pop art show up throughout, and the rare pops of color are memorable, especially against the glossy white floors. Thanks for sharing your smashing style with us, Gorana!


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For a decade, we've been finding the Smallest, Coolest homes in the world. Isn't this your year to win it all?

Apartment Therapy couldn't celebrate our 10th birthday without Small Cool! It's a big part of our history and we love showing the world that small homes are among the smartest and most stylish around. If you live in under 1000 square feet, we invite you to join us this year and show off your own brand of compact coolness with photos of your home along with your real-life tips for living well in your small space.

In addition to the gazillions of votes, tons of fun and awesome prizes from Joybird , it's really all about what we truly believe: you don't need to live large to have a wonderful home. No matter how "big" Apartment Therapy gets, Small Cool is at the heart of what we do. It only comes around once a year, so now's the time - join us!


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