U.S. Winner: Meghan's Creative Solutions

This absolutely wonderful 660 square foot home is located in Charleston, South Carolina. It's a rental that Meghan (a professional musician) made the most of through DIY upgrades. She painted, changed out faucets and took on all sorts of projects, big and small, to really make the place her own. One of Meghan's tips is to "fill your home with life, be it people, pets or plants", which you can see put into practice throughout her space. It's also a rich mixture of color, pattern and texture, along with old and new pieces working together in harmony. Finding a spot for a piano in a small home couldn't have been easy, but as Meghan mentions in her entry, one of the most important things to making life at home enjoyable is to surround yourself with the things that are important to you. At a glance you can tell this is the home of music makers, antique aficionados and book lovers, a combination, which, when embraced in the decor as Meghan did, makes for a wonderfully cozy and interesting space.

International Winner: Dyana's Complex Simplicity

Dyana lives in this teeny tiny 246 square foot studio in Jakarta, Indonesia. She describes the design of her home as "complex simplicity" which is brilliant. It references the well thought out, detailed, complex design that makes the most of the very small space, allowing her to live and enjoy a simple life. A straightforward, strict palette of bright while, gray and consistent light wood tones helps to harmonize the space and make it appear larger. Black accents throughout catch your eye and move it around, another good trick for visually making a room feel more expansive. The galley kitchen is very nicely designed; clean, new and upscale. Not an inch is wasted, including a smart under-sink space that holds a genius roll-out table and two small stools for an instant "dining room". The wardrobe area under the loft bed even includes a dedicated vanity area, something many of us in much bigger homes don't find space for. All in all, a very smart, very stylish use of a very small space - bravo, Dyana!


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