How To Keep Your Vacation Going After You Get Home

How To Keep Your Vacation Going After You Get Home

Micki Howl
Jul 28, 2011

We all know that the first couple of days back from a great vacation can be rough. Going back to work and getting into the daily swing of things can be tough and even bring you down! What if you could continue your vacation mentality once you got home? Vacation doesn't have to be officially over!

Pick some flowers while away and leave them to press in the pages of the books you read. When you pick up the book again, finding a pretty little surprise from a past vacation will surely make you smile!

Buy a new scent. Our sense of smell is an amazing way to take you back to the perfect vacation spot. Recently while in Colorado I picked up a scented oil that my nose associated with the clean, crisp, outdoor air. Now at home, I put a few drops on my pillow at night to take me back to the mountains!

Make a new playlist consisting of songs that you listened to while on vacation and play them at home!

Purchase a textlie for the home. Tea towels, throws, or a South American rug can be a daily reminder of where you were and also a great souvenir.

Budget for a couple more meals out. This is huge for me because I'm able to extend my vacation a bit longer before I have to start cooking and cleaning the kitchen at home.

Learn how to make that signature "island drink" and keep them coming!

Do you do anything in particular to continue your vacation at home?

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