Contrasting wall trim can turn a lackluster space into a crisp and elegant room. Achieved either through applied moldings or merely with paint, trim can add interest and polish to a room without adding too much to your decorating budget. Here are some inspirational examples of the pros of contrast.

1 A small band of chocolate brown frames the Hermès orange walls in this interior. This could be done with paint or even meticulously applied ribbon, if all your angles were regular. Image via Elements of Style

2 White moldings, including a chair rail, add tailored opulence to a rich blue wall. Image via The Lennoxx

3 The door details in this bedroom are highlighted with contrasting paint that matches the lime green walls. Jason and John's House Tour

4 Painting a contrasting stripe down the stairs can turn a functional area into an appealing design element. Design by Estrella Salietti via

5 Picture frame moldings elevate a closet door to a piece of decor, and a chair rail and faux-wainscoting help turn an entryway into a glamorous foyer. Design by Celerie Kemble, from Domino, via Bride's

6 Thick white moldings above white paneling keep this navy blue room airy and nautical instead of dark and oppressive. Design by Michele Bonan via Lonny

7 The thick white paneling in this room balances the apricot-colored walls, so the effect is sunny and not syrupy. Design by David Caffieri via Lonny

8 I'm not always a fan of thin picture moldings, but on a black wall in this modern space, the proportions work to add architectural interest and decorative drama. From Mackenzie's House Call

9 Thin picture moldings create a faux-paneled bedroom. Via Apartment Therapy

10 A similar color scheme as image 9, but with slightly thicker molding. Which do you prefer? Image via designwithchristine.

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