Conversation Pits

Conversation Pits

Sep 19, 2008

Ok we're just going to put it out there: we are a fan of the conversation pit. Perhaps not being around in the 70's helps in having no sense of stylistic shame attached to the idea. But we can't see what's not to like, a large expanse of comfy lounging area to stretch out on and all those scatter cushions to have fun mixing up. More pics below.

[ Images from 'The House Book', Terence Conran, 1974 ]

We see there could be cleaning issues involved, you'd definitely have to have a no shoes policy. It's such a versatile idea that you can build in to suit your space. We like the elevated option that creates underneath storage space. So are we alone in this or are there other fans out there? Even better, have you built your own conversation pit style lounge?

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