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The last we heard, Nintendo has sold over 32 million Wii Fit Balance Boards, which means there's a good chance you've got one stored away in the closet or media cabinet, neglected and forgotten since your last Wii-fueled workout. Even if you have no further plans for working out using the balance-oriented accessory, a new open-source Android application can breathe new life into the Balance Board as a fitness tool connected to your Android powered device...

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

This app+hardware partnership seems a perfectly natural fit: a Wii Fit Balance Board and a Bluetooth-enabled Android device loaded up with the FitScales app (free) converts the gaming accessory into a stand-alone digital scale, sans the need for the Nintendo Wii system itself, complete with BMI feedback. 

Users can also sync their weight with RunKeeper and/or FitBit for scheduled weigh-ins, making the software hack a great tool for anyone subscribing to the Quantified Self program/lifestyle, all from the convenience of an Android-enabled phone or tablet. Don't be surprised to find Wii Fit Balance Boards in friends bathrooms soon!

Via MoDaCo, via The Verge

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