Cool Carpet Program: Zero Greenhouse Gasses Emitted

Cool Carpet Program: Zero Greenhouse Gasses Emitted

Gregory Han
Mar 5, 2008

Many people are now seeking home products specifically created with the goal of lessening environmental impact during it manufacturing and shipping process. Los Angeles rug retailer BPSRugs now offers residential rugs all manufactured with zero greenhouse gasses emitted during the entire lifecycle of the product...

"Climate change is a significant issue for all of us, with far-reaching consequences that are evident across the globe. However, it's an unfortunate fact that consumers are often overwhelmed and uncertain about how to best contribute to the fight against global warming," said Anthony Minite, president of Bentley Prince Street. "Through our new program, we're effectively 'zeroing out' any greenhouse gas emissions associated with the full lifecycle of our products from the acquisition of raw materials, through manufacture, product transport, use phase and end-of life. We even include the lifecycle energy impacts associated with vacuuming the rugs."

The company has reduced its absolute GHG emissions by 51% on-site through manufacturing and procedure changes. 100% of their electrical energy used to tuft their rugs are derived from renewable energy sources, including certified renewable energy credits and on-site generation from a photovoltaic array.

Check out Bentley Prince Street's Mission Zero Promise and their selection of rugs here.

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