Cool Coastal Bathrooms

As Memorial Day approaches, I'm dreaming of a beach house get-away and outside of a white, slip-covered sofa nothing says "beach house" like bringing shells and sea colors into the bathroom.

Click through the jump for some major beach bathroom inspiration!I find most "theme" bathrooms to be unforgivably hokey, but there's something about a beach theme that just seems so soothing and appropriate--I wouldn't even mind if these bathrooms were nowhere near the beach! Who knows? Maybe it's the association bathrooms already share with water that makes beach-inspired decor so effective in the bathroom. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for shells and beach glass colors. Either way, I'm going gaga for these pretty bathrooms.

What do you think? Do you have a beach-inspired bathroom far from the coast? Or do you think this style bathroom is best in it's natural habitat--the beach? Let us know!

Image Credits: ArchZine, The Lennoxx, Scott Dunn, OMG C.O.B., Little Emma English Home, House to Home UK, Decor Pad, Coastal Living Magazine, Country Living Magazine, A Few Fancy Things