Cool Teddy Bear Roundup

Earlier today we asked, "Where are the Teddy Bears?" Are they not cool enough for the modern nursery? Their ubiquitousness over the decades perhaps made them too generic and, well....goopy. Good news! We found where the cool teddy bears have been hiding out…


Top Row:
1 Harold HoneyStorm - The Woodland Bear by Sleepyking ($28)
2 Gaspard the Bear by One Little Red Fox ($77)
3 Boris the Bear by Plants and Animals ($28)
4 Theo Bear by Oh Hello Magpie ($32)
5 Bear by Minu ($36)

Bottom Row:
6 Pogo Team Mascot by Pogoshop ($38)
7 Little Bearish Plush by Hush Mouse ($38)
8 Stella by Tiddlywinks ($25)
9 Fenella Perriwinkle by Chunky Chooky ($49)
10 Organic Teddy Bear by BeeZeeEcoKid ($33)

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