Coolest Sandbox in 65 Million Years

Coolest Sandbox in 65 Million Years

Beth Callaghan
Aug 21, 2013

When Redditor Stumpalumpagus's friend was building a sandbox for his kids, he wanted to pour concrete in the bottom to prevent a nearby tree from spreading its roots up into the box. With a suggestion from said Redditor, this dad decided to make the best DIY sandbox in 65 million years.

Since he was pouring concrete anyway, this dad decided to include dinosaur footprints and "fossils" so that when the kids eventually dig to the bottom, they'll find a surprise. Since the kids are unaware of the bottom layer, they will discover it on their own. Whether Dad will 'fess up to his secret or let the kids wonder at their find remains to be seen.

Some information on how to build your own dino fossil sandbox can be found in the Reddit thread. If you aren't the DIY type, check out the Digasaurus sandbox here (available at Amazon for $399.00).

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(Images: Redditor Stumpalumpagus)

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